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  • The essential oils must be really high quality and fresh

    "A little bit of care goes a long way. I never thought I'd use a room spray or fragrance in my house, because I'm really conscious of synthetic chemicals and toxins around my home. When a friend gave me a gift of this pretty Miracle Plant spray after hearing I was having trouble sleeping because of perimenopause, I thought it was sweet - and at least I'd give it a try. I was so surprised that the fragrance was so fresh and natural - you can tell that the essential oils must be really high quality and fresh. I really did sleep better than I have in weeks. What a lovely gift, I want to buy a bunch for my friends so I can give anyone who's not sleeping well a present of a good night's rest."


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  • Transfer my son’s sleeping quality

    "I never know a sleeping perfume can transfer my son’s sleeping quality at all. Its great come to know the founder of “Miracle Plant” and introduced the Deep Sleep Natural Perfume – For kids to us. Jason who was 3 years old at that time often took up to an hour to sleep. For sure, the sleeping spray steadily gave restful evenings not to Jason only, but to me and my husband. I personally enjoy spraying it on Jason’s pillow, duvet and pyjama, the relaxing scent last long and very pleasant. Now Jason is 5 years old, although he does not have sleeping difficulties anymore, we still spray it for the smoothing and calming effects.  I have recommended this to other mums whose kids have sleeping difficulties, I am happy to share this product and enable others to aware there is such magic product!"


    For KIDS 
  • Leaving me feeling refreshed each morning

    "A few years ago, I received Deep Sleep Natural Perfume from Catherine, the founder of Miracle Plant, to help improve my sleep quality. Since incorporating this spray into my bedtime routine, it has consistently helped me achieve deeper and more restful sleep, leaving me feeling refreshed each morning.
    One of the aspects I love most about this product is that it is made from 100% natural ingredients, making it a safe choice for use around the house. I wholeheartedly recommend Miracle Plant's Deep Sleep Natural Perfume to anyone seeking a solution for a better night's sleep."


    For HIM 
  • Convenient not only for home use but also when traveling

    "I was introduced to Miracle Plant Deep Sleep Natural Perfume by Vera recently. I find it therapeutic and calming. Helps create a relaxing environment in promoting sleep. Find it convenient not only for home use but also when traveling. The scent is also pleasing…not overpowering. All in all, a great aromatherapy product."


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  • Miracle Plant gained my life back

    "Thank you for Miracle Plant! I gained my life back. It's truly amazing! I had insomnia for about half a year. I couldn't fall asleep easily; it usually took me hours to fall asleep. Then, I would wake up to find the sun already shining and the sky bright, with birds singing by my window. I would also wake up in the middle of the night several times due to sounds or muscle pain, and it was very difficult for me to fall asleep again. I had been using lavender essential oil, but it obviously didn't work for me.
    However, one day, my friend gave me a bottle of Miracle Plant Deep Sleep Natural Perfume -For Her as a gift after learning about my situation. After spraying it onto my pillowcase, I felt so relaxed, and within minutes, I fell asleep straight away and woke up bright the next morning! It was amazing! Since that night, I have been able to sleep well again. After using it a few times, I even noticed that I had no addiction to it at all. I can now sleep on my own. I believe it's because the perfume is all-natural and not a medicine, which is very important to me.  
    My kids love it as well, but I limit them to one spray a week 😜. I truly appreciate the miracle of plants! I highly recommend it to anyone who has sleeping issues. Give it a try!"


    For HER 
  • Unlock Better Sleep: IFA Principal Teacher Recommends Miracle Plant Natural Perfume

    "Hello everyone, today I'd like to introduce a new product to you.

    Why, you might ask? Well, I stumbled upon this purely natural spray in the market. It's 100% natural, primarily composed of four essential oils extracted from geranium, lavender, frankincense, and sandalwood.

    If you're familiar with aromatherapy, you'll know that these ingredients not only smell wonderful but also bring a sense of comfort and relaxation. This spray features a delightful geranium flowery scent.

    What's more, geranium does more than just provide a pleasant fragrance – it can effectively balance hormones within your body.

    Among these hormones, geranium is especially skilled at regulating cortisol, a key player in managing stress. Maintaining an appropriate cortisol level can effectively combat stress, while an excess of cortisol can lead to insomnia and heightened stress.

    So, if you're battling work-related insomnia or simply seeking a peaceful night's sleep, this spray might be the solution you've been looking for - from the effects of cortisol and stress, to enjoy a tranquil sleep, shield yourself.

    Try spritzing this product in your bedroom."


  • Simple spray could make a difference

    "I used to struggle with racing thoughts and find it challenging to unwind after a long day of working hard for my business. I would spend at least an hour tossing and turning in bed, unable to find a peaceful sleep. That's when a friend recommended the Deep Sleep Natural Perfume For Him from Miracle Plant. 
    At first, I was a bit hesitant, wondering how a simple spray could make a difference. But I decided to give it a try since there was nothing to lose. To my surprise, the miracle happened on the very first night. After spraying the perfume, I felt a sense of calm envelop me, and within just three minutes, I naturally drifted off into a deep and restful sleep. 
    The next morning, I woke up feeling refreshed and energized like never before. It was an incredible experience that I couldn't explain but could only attribute to the magic of the Deep Sleep Natural Perfume. I am beyond thankful for this remarkable product. 
    If you're someone like me, struggling with racing thoughts and difficulty falling asleep, I highly recommend trying the Deep Sleep Natural Perfume for Him. It's like a magical solution that brings a profound and positive change in sleep quality."


    For HIM 
  • More than 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep

    "Before trying the Miracle Plant Deep Sleep Natural Perfume, I was skeptical about its ability to improve my sleep. 
    But to my amazement, it worked like magic. The very first night I used it, I drifted into slumber effortlessly. The fragrance was incredibly soothing, and I felt as if sleep had wrapped its comforting arms around me. 
    To my surprise, I woke up after more than eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. The scent of this perfume is not only refreshing but also very pleasing to the senses.
    The next morning, I woke up feeling incredibly refreshed and full of energy, ready to tackle the day ahead after a long, restful night's sleep. This product has truly been a game-changer for my sleep quality."


  • A game-changer for my son's sleep routine

    "I cannot thank Miracle Plant enough for introducing me to their Deep Sleep Natural Perfume for Kids. It has truly been a game-changer for my son's sleep routine. Ever since he got hooked on his iPad and started staying up late, his energy levels suffered, and school became a struggle. But then, a friend gave me a sample of this magical perfume.
    I started spraying it in his room around 9:30 pm, and the results were astonishing. My son, who used to resist bedtime, started going to bed on his own and falling asleep quickly. The calming scent of the perfume created the perfect ambiance for a peaceful night's sleep.
    The best part is that even after just two weeks of using the perfume, his sleep routine improved significantly. He no longer needed the perfume, yet he continues to go to bed at 9:30 pm like clockwork. The Deep Sleep Natural Perfume for Kids has truly restored his healthy sleep habits and given him the energy he needs for school.
    I am incredibly grateful to Miracle Plant for this amazing gift. Their natural solution has made a world of difference for my son's well-being. If you're struggling with your child's sleep routine, I highly recommend trying this perfume. It's truly a miracle in a bottle!"


    For KIDS 
  • Remarkable Changes Within a Week for my Son

    "Hi, I’m Jacka, a mum of two youngsters. My little son Damon is now 12 years old. He’s cheerful and caring, but on the other hand, he's hypersensitive to noise, smells, and his environment. This causes him to be constantly tense, especially living in Hong Kong SAR, China. 
    At a very young age of around 3, I noticed that Damon had trouble sleeping. He would struggle to fall asleep, giggling in bed for hours. He would also wake up multiple times during the night and even experience frequent episodes of sleepwalking. 
    We consulted with a pediatrician, but the suggested method of using medication didn't sit well with me as a parent. I couldn't bear the thought of giving such strong medication to my young son. So, I tried various other methods like massage, music, and even holding him close all night. While these methods provided some temporary relief, the situation persisted and worsened when Damon started primary school. 
    It was truly a blessing when I met the founder of "Miracle Plant," Ms. Catherine. She introduced me to the "Miracle Plant Deep Sleep Natural Perfume - For Kids' spray.
    I had no hesitation in trying it out. After all, we had been dealing with Damon's sleeping difficulties for years. I read all the information and evidence about the product, which assured me of its safety, even though I still had concerns about essential oils being chemicals. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try immediately.  
    As the name suggests, the fragrance truly worked like a miracle! The effects were significant within a week. Damon started falling asleep more easily and woke up less frequently in the middle of the night.
    Over the course of about a year, his sleep improved even further. He could easily fall asleep and sustain it for more than 6 hours on most nights. It kept getting better and better, and he finally regained a normal sleeping pattern.
    MOST IMPORTANTLY, we were able to gradually reduce and eventually stop using the spray. This was a critical concern for me as a parent. I didn't want Damon to rely on it for life or develop a dependency. But I can confidently tell you that this worry never materialized.
    Damon's sleeping difficulties were essentially healed. Occasionally, when he faces pressure or other reasons that disrupt his sleep, we use the perfume for a few days, and he quickly recovers. 
    Our experience with "Miracle Plant Deep Sleep Natural Perfume" has been incredibly successful, and that's why I'm sharing our story with you. If you or your family are going through a similar challenging time, I highly recommend giving it a try! 
    Wishing you and your loved ones a restful sleep!"


    For KIDS