Our Story


Catherine has a mission... ‘To make the world a better place’.

The way she hopes to fulfill her mission is via her exciting business venture, ‘Miracle Plant’ and her new all-natural Aromatherapy Deep Sleep Natural Perfume range! 

The Miracle Plant Aromatherapy Deep Sleep Natural Perfume range was born from Catherine’s personal passion and purpose, to help others with natural therapies.

As a qualified international aromatherapist and a vegetarian, Catherine has experienced many benefits from plant-based products. She has been fortunate to help many friends and relatives through natural therapy, especially aromatherapy.  

Along her journey, she has found that many people suffer from sleep problem, which can cause mental and health problems. She felt there was a problem she needed to solve and so developed The Deep Sleep Natural Perfume Range, a product range that is backed by clinical research conducted by Dr Sherman Fung, an Oxford scientist and overseas fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Results from Dr Fung’s clinical study of more than 250 candidates show that these products can scientifically improve sleep quality, allowing his patients to fall asleep faster than usual, patients felt calmer and more relaxed, and they were found to have a more peaceful night’s sleep whilst feeling more refreshed in the morning.

Who wouldn’t love that in their life?

Catherine’s personal mission is ‘to help as many people in the world as I can’ and to promote wellness both mentally and physically with natural plant-based substances.  

But it doesn’t stop there…

Through her Australian made and owned business, Miracle Plant, Catherine’s mission is to help the planet, which is hurting right now due to climate change and war. By supporting Plant-for-the-Planet, this is her way of ‘giving back’, and so will the consumer, knowing that every purchase they make leads to helping the planet.   



Catherine : Qualified international aromatherapist with qualifications in NAHA (USA), IFA(UK), IAAMA(Australia) and IIAA(China)
Dr. Sherman FUNG : DPhil (Oxford), FRSM, FRSC, CChem., CSci.