Clinical Research

The Deep Sleep Natural Perfume range is backed by clinical research conducted by Oxford Scientist and fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, Dr Sherman Fung. 

Our Clinical Research is published in IFA's Aromatherapy Times Magazine

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Results from Dr Fung’s clinical study of more than 250 candidates demonstrate that these products can scientifically improve sleep quality.  Patients felt calmer and more relaxed, they were able to fall asleep faster and they were found to have a more peaceful night’s sleep whilst feeling more refreshed in the morning.

The results speak for themselves…

* The analysis of overall integrated score, the treatment group had a significant improvement in sleep quality after our aromatherapy perfumes’ treatment as compared to before and background control.
** The study conducted a cross-validation clinical comparison through a simple and accurate Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI).

Dr. Sherman FUNG : DPhil (Oxford), FRSM, FRSC, CChem., CSci.